Guide by Tim; 4G and GPS HAT For Raspberry Pi - Waveshare SIM7600X

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Hello Tim and thank you for the guide!

I’m wondering about:
“Below is everything you will need for this guide.
-Activated SIM Card”

Do you think I can test the module with my personal SIM card that I’m using in my phone that has a pin code? Or is it required to have a different type of SIM-card with a different type of subscription and no pin code?


Hey mate, my pleasure!

When I just started off I used the SIM directly from my phone and it worked perfectly fine. My Phone SIM also has a pin code but I didn’t run into any issues when I was just testing it out. So you should be perfectly fine :slight_smile:
Kind regards,

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Hi, just wondering if you would have the size/scale of the 3d model? The file outputs the 3d print as being 1.5m3, which i would rather not print :slight_smile:


Hi Lachlan,

Welcome to the forum!

What slicer were you using? If you are able to load it in with cm’s as units that would work.
Mine loaded into Cura super large, scaling it down to 10% looks good (Blenders dimensions agree)

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Looks like the scale is wrong with the STL model, I’ll fix it now. Liam is absolutely correct, if you scale it down 10% it’ll be the correct dimensions. Will update this post once it is done.

Update - All fixed now

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but if a SIM card has PIN code required, where do you enter it in order to connect to the network?


Hi Tine,

It looks like Tim already answered a similar question a couple of replies above, you shouldn’t have to enter the pin to connect to the network

Here’s the AT command if you are forced to enter it:


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Hi Tim, are you able to do an update using the M.2 (SIM7600G-H M.2 4G HAT) as this looks quite a bit different from the version you did an awesome video upon. Also - would you know if the commands are the same for installation / setup etc? I haven’t tried it yet, am just looking to get some quiet time to set it all up :). Cheers James.

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Hey James,
I would boldly like to say that the installation process is exactly the same for the Raspberry Pi Zero Version of the 4G Waveshare HAT as it is for the Model B Sized Raspberry Pi HAT. This is the normal situation for most big brother/little brother hardware versions like this. However, as I have not set up a SIM7600G-H M.2 4G HAT so I cannot be sure.
Hopefully this helps somewhat, I would like to explore the little brother version of this HAT, particularly if the installation is different. If when your setting it up you do find differences/find it to work just like normal please come back and tell me! :slight_smile:
Kind regards,

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Hi Tim,
Would it be possible to use the HAT SIM7600G as per your tutorial with SMS and GPS and at the same time create an LTE/4G Internet connection? That would be a great combination for different projects.
Would you be willing to do a second tutorial on this topic?
BR // Manuel