Neopixel RGB 60 Wires


I pulled out the ground wire from my neopixel RGB 60 LEDs whilst trying to strip the insulation…
There are equivalent power and data wires on the ‘end’ of the LED strip, can these be used instead,

or is it possible to resolder the ground wire to the ‘front’ - I assume this would involve breaking the plastic seal that contains the LEDs

Please be gentle as I have no experience with electronics.


You can feed power into either end of the strip. Data is the only signal that must be injected at a specific end, you’ll see a directional arrow on the strip showing the flow direction for data. So if weather-sealing is important for your application then feeding power at the intact end should be ok (it depends on loads of things that would only be confusing to go into here).

Experiment on the bench with your application before committing to any installation and see how it goes!
Best of luck with your projects.

Thanks for the prompt reply. One more chance not to screw up lol…