New video by Michael; The Factory | Tileable Design For LED Matrices

New video - Our 8x8 GlowBit LED matrix now tiles in any direction with a brand new layout! Better still, there’s no air-wiring for signal routing in this latest revision. Power and signals are all distributed through solderable edge connections which double as structural joins.

We also chat automation, with our first foray into Github action scripting to automatically generate (smaller) MicroPython code for PiicoDev.


Ha, nice. And I thought I was the only one using solder pads for signal as well as mechanical connections. The main difference being that I have a whole backplane worth of signals to allow pretty good functionality on all four side’s add-on boards.

This is a carrier or base board for the Adafruit Itsy Bitsy M4, still a work in progress but rev 2 of the PCB so it’s getting there.


Thanks for sharing @Rob110829 - what a challenge keeping all those pads rotationally symmetric.


With four layers and conforming to a pretty rigid horizontal/vertical track layout it’s quite easy when you don’t also have to do the CPU layout because you just plug-in a module for that. :grinning:

Here’s an earlier version from a few years ago, that was more of a struggle. You can see here how the vertical IO boards are attached, only one in this case but all four sides can have them with the new design.