New video by Stephen; Slim Case for Raspberry Pi 3B+ Assembly Guide

New video! We’ve designed a case for the Raspberry Pi 3B+ and we’ve made a guide on how to assemble it.

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    This video can also be viewed here

    How does this case perform related to the heat produced by the Pi 3 Model B+ ??

    I have one Pi 3 B+ and the heat it produces means I will be buying a heat sink kit in my next order.
    The same code running on a Pi Zero does not produce as much heat. I know the processor is much faster in the Pi 3 B+, but it did surprise me how hot it got when not doing much as far as my code was concerned.

    PS The case design I like and the price.

    Hi James,

    The 3B+ operates at about 40-50 C even with very little load on the processor. I found that mine at home will be too hot to touch (~50) when just at 9% CPU use. They thermally protect at 80 C, which means there is a lot of room to get hotter without being a danger. This case leaves the CPU exposed to the air, and Pi Heatsink will fit in the opening if you find that you need one. Here is an image of the heat during a benchmark test:


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    The 3B+ is a big leap forward for heat management. It has thermal relief built in (the tin hat) and as Stephen mentioned, our Slim Case has a big cutout for the BCM chip.

    I doubt a heatsink would be needed for typical 3B+ use, though you have the option to mount an external heatsink if you need to.

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