Case for Raspberry Pi 3+ (Clear, Fan Cooled) (CE04434)

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Keep your Pi cool with this semi-transparent case. It’s rounded edges and stylish design make it perfect for display as a media or games center, and the built in fan & vents ensure plenty of circulation.

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Are there assembly instructions anywhere?

Hi Andrew,

There are no assembly instructions.

1.Using the four screws mount the fan on the upper lid of the case
2. Inert the Raspberry Pi into the lower half of the case. Angle it in, inserting the HDMI and Audio jacks in place first, then rotate the board down into place. If you try to press the board straight down the HDMI and Audio jacks will not line up.
3. Connect the fan
4. Snap the upper half of the case in place.

Some would say it’s as easy as Pi…:slight_smile:

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Does this case have room to also fit heatsinks such as these:

Hey Sean,

That fan will fit over the CPU with any heatsink that’s 6mm or shorter!

Both of the heatsinks in that kit will fit in the case, as long as they are used in their relevant spots.The Pi doesn’t have too many heating issues, especially to the point where you need both passive and active cooling to solve it, so the addition of a heatsink might not even be necessary!

The worst case I have ever used for my Raspberry Pi B 3 +. It just broke the bloody micro sd insert!
Never again will I purchase from this mob, either the inventors kit was poor quality as well!

Hi Phillip,

Sorry to hear about the issues that occurred with the case and kit. If you could please send through an email to I’ll see what we can organise for you to sort this out. If there’s anything else that we can do for you please let me know.

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