Newbie looking to make a Crypto watcher

Hello everyone,
Newbie here looking to make a Crypto Watcher. I read this post of Reddit ( and loved the idea of making this but I’m very new and unsure of what I need to purchase.

I’m assuming I need the following but any input would be very welcome.

With these two purchases, do I have all the herdware I need for the project?

Hey Stuart,

Welcome to the forum, interesting project!

Other than the case which is included in the kit that you won’t be needing for this project, that should be all the you need to get going by the look of it in terms of hardware. They’ve got a Repo up on Github at the moment that you should be able to clone all the code down from which I’ve linked below for you. Otherwise, you should be set!

Make sure to let us know how you go with it, I’ve never seen that run on a Pi Zero before.