Solenoid with wireless trigger

Hello everyone,

Looking to create something similar to this:

However, the changes I would like to make are:

  • Control it remotely from a distance of about 100m, outdoor use.
  • battery powered eg. power bank, batteries.
  • Throw of about 10mm

Thank you,


Hi Jake, should be reasonably easy if you wanted to you a remote I would recommend this: Should be a pretty simple setup. Alternative you could go to an online app-controlled method using a wifi module:

Thanks Mitchell, I believe the distance of the IR remote is like 3 metres?
Also, I would prefer to just have a remote with a button on it that would just activate the solenoid, rather than using an app.

Hmm, righto might have to go a bit more bespoke, Maybe then have another microcontroller with a button that acts a remote. But at this point, I would just recommend going down a wifi route