Nikon Camera Battery Power Module

Hello Core Team,

I would like to know if you can manufacture/modify/supply a relay so I can power my camera for long periods.
I did some research and found a Case Tether Tools unit from the USA (see attached) but can’t find anything on Nikon’s website to suit.
What I am looking for is to be able to power my camera for long periods, as I am just a beginner in astro photography.
Nikon have a dummy battery adaptor EP-5a but I can’t attach it to my High-Power battery pack (see attached)
I would like to get a EP-5a dummy battery attach to relay and to battery via USB port to increase voltage to the camera.

Specs are: Camera - Nikon D5600 7.2/9volts 2.5A
Nikon Battery Lithium Ion EN-EL14a 7.2V 1230mAh 8.9Wh Lithium Ion
High Power Lithium Battery PA054 82800mAh Out voltage 12V car start terminal
5V -2A USB output x 4. Start current 300A Peak current 600A/3S

Can you please advise if you can make me a relay module to suit?
You can provide the EP-5a dummy battery and integrate it all together as a separable kit.
Can you please provide me with a price and freight to WA. Leeming postcode 6149
Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Thank you in advance. could be a small future market?
Could not attach any doc’s, pictures etc
602e2cd4f2fddcc9915061a3-4-small crups110_tether_tools_case_relay_camera_power_system_action_2-2-320x180 Tether tools case-relay-manual.pdf (34.1 KB)

The Nikon D5600 is listed as a compatible camera for the Tether Tools case relay, with the required adapter available from the supplier. It’s pricey, but much cheaper than a custom build. Is there a reason that you can’t go with that solution?

Hi Jeff105671,

Thanks for reply.
I found all that when I was researching. When I read some reviews, quite a few said they could buy a relay from china for about $20
$170 for the Case relay seems a bit rich, when small relays are about $5-10.
All I need is a power relay to go from 5V USB battery step up to relay 7.2V to Dummy battery in camera.
Don’t need a sophisticated relay with a battery inside, only creates more charging and something else to go wrong.
Simple little box is all I need.


I can’t see that solution from your description. It seems to me that you need
1 - Some way to supply external power to the camera, as it does not have an external power input socket. You can purchase the battery compartment insert from Tether Tools and elsewhere, or possibly make one yourself using the casing from a Nikon battery pack.
2 - DC-DC adapter 12v to 7.2V at up to 3A. Such as this one.

That enables you to power the camera from the 12v supply of the starter battery pack. Where does the relay come into it?

Hi Jeff105671

I require a Dummy Battery to suit nikon D5600 camera (can get myself) but would rather have a supplier provide.
Reason for that is to match any joiners, then I require a step up regulator 5v - 7.2/9V (to camera spec)
I already have a lithium battery pack (can be used to jump start car) but I want to use the USB 5v -2A outlets
Regulator/Relay in some sort of box needs to be between battery & dummy battery adapter if that makes sense.
I am just looking for a cheaper option if that is possible?


Hey Kevin,

We’ve got a few options here for 5V relays that should easily be able to handle the power required for your project. The quick, cheap and easy board would be that which I’ve linked below, but before choosing parts, it would be best to confirm your design and ensure that the boost converter and relay suit before purchase (particularly the max current on the boost converter to ensure you don’t accidentally burn it out). Please let us know if you have any further questions :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Don’t step up from 5v to 7.2v - much better to step down from 12v to 7.2v, using the sort of converter I referenced. That’s the device you have been referring to as a relay. You could put a switch between the battery and the converter, if the battery doesn’t have a suitable switch. But there is no relay involved.

I agree, losses are exponential the higher the current goes. The current will need to be higher on the input of 5V in order to provide the required output at 7.2V, if possible stepping down would be a better option. Also I apologize for the confusion Kevin, if you need a relay to essentially act as electronically controlled switch you should be able to use the version I suggested (relays don’t perform any voltage conversion, they’re essentially just a switch controlled by current rather than by force), although as Jeff said, you don’t seem to need one for this project.

Hi Core community,

Thanks for all the input. At the moment I will close off this post as I have found a cheaper commercial unit (iFootage Electric Ray E1)
A small kit to act as power supply for camera’s via dummy battery setup & 5v USB battery pack.
Also found on Youtube - (a small MT3608 circuit that can step up 5v to 7.2v for camera - see video
Thanks for all your comments and assistance, if I have any other electronic requests, I’ll know where to come.

I don’t know how to close a conversation on the forum, so if someone can do that for me please?

Kind regards,

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Hey Kevin,

No worries, usually we don’t close our conversations here as later on someone may have a similar question and they can tack it on here with reference to all the previous info. However, you should be able to unsubscribe from notifications on this tread from the menu at the bottom on this page. All the best with the project!