Non SDK for Pi pico development

I have a pi Pico and one with the Ethernet interface on it. Need to program it in C. I want to do the development work on a Pi 4. Do I need to install visual studio on the Pi4 to be able to do this? I program the Pi 4 in C by using a simple text editor and the GCC compiler - very basic and uncomplicated. Can I do something very similar to program the Pico on the Pi 4 or is it really necessary to install the whole SDK. I have never used visual studio before and am somewhat afraid of what looks like complications. I have no found ANY YTube videos showing how to install and setup the Pi 4 for programming the Pico that does not involve an SDK and often trying to run this on windows or some other form of Linux. Please advise.

Hi Clem,

I think you may be confused here:

If someone recommended one of the above, I can almost guarantee they mean VSCode, not VS.

If for some reason you aren’t happy with the excellent Pico SDK and associated guides, then the Arm toolchain is for you:

It’s a set of tools including gcc for compiling for Arm microcontrollers (like the Pico). This leaves all peripheral drivers, reset assembler, everything, to you.

Happy hacking!

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