Piicodev - Is there a C/C++ implementation of the libraries?

Just wondering if there are piccodev libraries for use with the Arduino IDE?

e.g. C implementations of GitHub - CoreElectronics/CE-PiicoDev-Unified: Unified I2C module for the Core Electronics PiicoDev ecosystem



Hey @Nigel164388 - welcome to the forums :smiley:

There are no official PiicoDev Libraries for C/C++
However, there are bound to be Arduino libraries for the devices on standard PiicoDev modules.
For example, try searching the Part# of a given device in the arduino libraries and I’m sure most things should turn up eg. The Atmospheric Sensor uses a BME280, a very popular device. Try searching BME280 and I’m sure there will be multiple libraries available.

There does exist a MicroPython port for some arduino devices. Things are in their early stages currently, but we’re keeping an eye on it and when the user-experience feels complete we’ll work on PiicoDev compatibility for these devices.


Thanks, that does make a lot of sense.

I will try to capture any issues back here in the forum if I hit any snags.

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If you want arduino libraries, adafruit usually have them. Or sparkfun.

Just some useful info for anyone following this path in the future:

On the Raspberry Pi Pico, piicodev uses SDA=8 and SCL=9.

Thus if modifying an Adafruit example to use in Arduino IDE with pico and piicodev, you will need to add the following in setup()

Also pay attention to the i2c address. For example Adafruit’s SED1306 example defaults to address 0x3D so you will either need to move the physical switch on the piicodev SSD1306 to ON or define the address to be 0x3C via:

Then it works well :slight_smile:

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You can also set the oled screens with a switch and use two at once. The second setting is 0x3D rather than C for the address.