Raspberry Pi 4 4/8gb to program Pico in C with VSC

Hi there, I’m used to programming in C/C++ and after quite a bit of trouble trying to install Visual Studio Code on my windows10 computer(with such a lengthy install process and time, with no luck getting it going), I found out I could install it onto my Raspberry Pi 4 4/8gb. So I gave that a go and yes, in a short time I got a fully working version of Visual Studio Code(all setup) and with lots of PICO examples, the setup was so quick and easy. Here is a link to the Documentation to installing the program on Raspberry OS 4/8gb. Have fun :slight_smile:



Hey Dom,

Cheers for sharing!!
It’s little posts like this that keep the making community running! :smiley:
Keen to see your projects!