NTAG213 Fobs not reading well

Hello I purchased RFID/NFC Tag Blue Fob (NTAG213 Chip, 13.56MHz) to use with the IKEA ROTHULT RFID locks. We have proximity issues where they’re needing to be held against and moved around sometimes up to 6-7 seconds before it activates the lock and that is if it activates at all.
I have tried programming different fobs but they seem to react the same way, any ideas?

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Hi Nick,

Thanks for posting :slight_smile:

Are you able to share a photo of where your lock is positioned, there’s a chance the thickness or type of material between the lock and card is causing issues. You might need to move to a larger tag like a plastic credit-card-sized tag.

Keen to get to the bottom of this one!

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Hi James,

See below pic, the material is about 10 - 12 mm thick

Hi Nick.
Probably too thick for reliable operation. I think even a card has to be presented quite close to the reader for positive operation. Think credit card on EftPos machines etc.
Cheers Bob

Hi Nick,

You should have had two master cards included with the reader, are they working correctly without any issues?

I also notice looking in the manual for that particular IKEA product that it states only one extra device can be added to the reader at any time. With an unaltered UID, the device would only store the accepted UID of one fob at any one time.

I would say that the thickness of the material between the reader and where you are placing the fob is greater than the capability of the fobs reading distance, if the master cards are working effectively it might be a better use case for card style NFC tags due to them having a larger antenna size.



Hi Blayden,

Thanks for your response. I have the masters and have had no issues with them but didn’t want to hand them to staff in case they get misplaced so I thought to program fobs instead. I’m happy to purchase some larger ones if they will do the job, would you have a recommendation on which ones to purchase?


Hey Nick,

I would recommend this Ntag card.
However, it wouldn’t fix the potential issue of multiple cards being read by the same device if that is what you are looking at doing? I can have a look and see if the UIDs on those cards are rewritable if that issue still affects your use case.


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Thanks Blayden I will purchase some, each staff member has their own cabinet so multiple tags aren’t required. Appreciate your help with this one.

No worries Nick, glad I could help.