RFID Reader for Simultaneous Stocktake

Hi there,
I am working on a project that requires multiple products to be identified simultaneously. We are attempting to replace the optical barcode with RFID tags. Initially were studying chipless tags but hit a roadblock. RFID readers cannot read multiple chipless tags (not yet anyway).
As a result we are now looking into other RFID solutions and have stumbled across many industrial RFID readers designed for stocktake and asset management that allows 100s of products to be scanned at once. Although, many of these cost $1000s of dollars, out of our budget for this project. Eventually we have found a more affordable, project-friendly line of readers, the SparkFun readers. My main question to you would be, are any of these readers able to read multiple tags at once?


Hi Xavier,

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Yeah it looks like one of the higher range RFID readers are able to: SparkFun Simultaneous RFID Reader - M6E Nano | SEN-14066 | Core Electronics Australia

Iā€™m not familiar with the board so taking a look at the documentation to check if its the right one for your project: Simultaneous RFID Tag Reader Hookup Guide - learn.sparkfun.com

Let us know how you go!

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