OctoPi Kit on isolated wifi network via Android?

So I’ve got a Creality CR-6 SE, and I’d like to control/monitor it remotely via an Android phone.

I was looking at the OctoPi Kit (OctoPi Kit for 3D Printing | Core Electronics Australia), but I’m not sure it’ll work for me as I’ve got an unusual setup.

My workplace network rarely allows for new devices to be added to it, so I’ll have to go an isolated option.

I plan on connecting the OctoPi to my CR-6 SE, and an isolated WiFi router (either via LAN or wirelessly). Then I’ll connect to the router (and the OctoPi) using my Android phone via WiFi.

Can the OctoPi work as I’ve envisioned? Has anyone got experience with a similar set up?

Finally, does the OctoPi interface have slicing capability? Or will I need to simply email gcode files to my Android?

Hi Goran,

The OctoPi server runs on the Raspberry Pi so as long as your Pi remains connected to the router then your OctiPi system should be accessible to anything connected to the same network.

OctoPi by default does not have a slicer built into it, most of the power of OctoPi comes from the many plugins that can be added on for extra tools relavant to your setup. I know there was previously a plugin to add a slicer but it was very computationally intensive on the Pi and gave mixed results so may have been discontinued. It’s generally better to just send G-code to OctoPi and let it handle it from there.

Teaching Tech has a number of in-depth OctoPrint guides on their channel and has one guide with top plugins-review.

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Hi Goran,

Good news! The path you’re looking to take is well-trod! You can access OctoPi from any browser to my knowledge, or even host it on an old android phone!

Alternatively, if you’re looking to go down the Pi route, hostapd is your friend for keeping things independent:


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