Raspberry Pi 3B+

Hi all,

I have a Rpi 3B+ that I have OSMC kodi on. I have it connected to a powered HDD with music and movies which I also have an ethernet cable conneted to a powerline adapter. On the other end of the powerline adapter I have a nvidia shield tv.

I’m having an issue with audio of hi res 5.1 wav files dropping out when I play it on kodi via samba from the RPi kodi on a Nvidia shield.

Wondering if any of the following options may reduce the drop outs.
Upgrade ethernet cable to a 6a Cat cable.
Uograde to a Rpi 4 (if so how much ram)
Instead of using kodi on the Pi use OMV (would rater avoid this method if possible).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hey Kurt,

Just quickly first by “audio of hi res 5.1 wav files dropping out” do you mean they just drop out completely or they have audible data losses/noise etc.?

Going through the options:

While Cat6 cables are much faster, they are not always super necessary… its capable of 10-Gigabit speeds in some cases, which I don’t think 5.1 wav will even come close to pushing. Maybe just a new ethernet cable would do if you haven’t done that already.

The upgrade to a Pi 4 with a larger amount of RAM is a similar scenario to the Cat6 upgrade. It will perform better but is not the most necessary upgrade.

Because it’s designed with Linux in mind, the use of OMV may optimise any underlying issues but I don’t think it’ll specifically solve the issue youre having.

If there wouldn’t be an issue, how about just installing Kodi on the Nvidia Shield?

Hey Owen,

Thanks for your response. I changed the cables. I use the raspberry pi with kodi on it to act as a Samba Server Running the material around my home. Through my nvidia shield I have Setup the movies and music folders using kodi and play everything through the shield (I have the same setup in the bedroom). The dropout is where the music will stop for a moment (1 or 2 seconds and continue on). It’s odd because I can watch a movie that has Dolby ATMOS MKV movie file and runs great through this set up.
My question was more if running kodi on the Pi as a Samba file server was the best option or was possibly running OMV and Running a NAS/NFS setup.

Hey Kurt,

Sorry for the delay in response, like I said, OMV is better designed for something like a Pi, so that may remove some issues. I think giving that a go before you try anything else is your best bet at this point.