Openscale and Wifi

Good Afternoon
Can you please advise what is the best way to add wifi capability to openscale

Hi Achal,

It looks like you can connect directly to the Serial Out pins, so you should be able to read them from a Raspberry Pi which has WiFi (3, 3B+, Zero W, Zero WH). You could then connect to that however you need to for your project.

Hope that helps!

That means, i can connect female header to serial out and connect the openscale to GPIO pins of Pi.
i’m new to this, so making sure i’m doing this right

Looking again, the OpenScale uses 5V logic, so it’d break the Pi if connected directly. Instead, just connect the USB cable to the Pi and you can read off that directly (safer and requires no extra pins). To read it in Python, you would use:

ser = serial.Serial('/dev/ttyUSB0', 9600, 8, 'N', 1, timeout=1)

to create the serial port, and:


to read from it. You could then send that data wherever you need it.

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Thanks Josh
really appreciated

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Hi Josh,
I have got openscale working and interfaced it with RPi. How can i get openscale to send data at regular intervals?

Hi Achal,

To get the Openscale to send data at regular intervals you just need to write it into your Openscale sketch. The default sketch is probably sending data constantly.