Paspberry Pi audio project help


I need the cheapest solution to register and play audio on rasp pi and also bluetooth, wifi and a port for a touch sensor.

Can you list me all the parts needed with a priority to the cost?

Hi Giuseppe, welcome to our forum!

This will mostly depend on what else you have in your setup. What will you be connecting the audio output of the Pi to? HDMI? passive speakers?

What do you mean by register?

If you pick a recent Pi, it’ll come with WiFi and bluetooth, what were you looking to do with WiFi and bluetooth? Will you be streaming from a service? Sending audio to a bluetooth speaker? Keen to hear more about your project :slight_smile:

How comfortable are you with maker electronics? If you’re relatively new and want to avoid soldering, I’d recommend our PiicoDev touch sensor with the corresponding adapter and cable. We have guides on how to program Python to recognise the touches and do stuff in response:

Let us know what you think, I’m keen to hear more about your project :smiley:


Hello everyone,

sorry for the automated message, this is the first one I make personally.

I need the chepest solution for a device that:

  • register the voice when you touch a sensor (or press a button if is way cheaper then sensor),

  • play an audio,

  • connect internet via WiFi,

  • connect to an Android smartphone via Bluetooth (just for the first configuration).

  • recheargeable battery

I don’t want to sold so I need the chepest and the easiest way to do this project.

I need all the part + all you need for programming it and also a case where to fit everything in one thing…

It s my first project like that and I have zero experience and a lot of will.

It doesn’t have to be a rasp pi zero w. If there’s something cheaper that still supports python, so much the better.

Thanks if you read and reply.