PETG Printing temperature

I am looking for a fool proof temperature guide for PETG printing on my Ender 3 Pro.
Any tips and tricks are welcome!

Thank you


Hi Amy, PETG requires much hotter temps that PLA or ABS, somewhere around the 230deg - 260deg mark, more commonly towards the upper end of that for best prints.
You will need an all metal hot end to print temps that high, though, so you would need to look out for the all metal hot end upgrade for PETG.

What is the purpose for printing in PETG though?
I gave it a go years ago and gave up as it wasnt necessary for my application.
I would have liked to have printed some stuff for in my car that PETG would have been better for due to higher melting temp than ABS or PLA.

So to answer your question, I’d say in the 250-255 deg area is where you should be looking, but only with an all metal hot end.


Hi Amy,

Heat is definietly the aim of the game, as Andrew mentioned an all metal hotend is ideal since there is PTFE inside the stock hotend on the Ender 3.
When printing on a glass plate a release agent is key!

Check out Tim’s guide on getting the best prints done: CPE (PETG) - My Trick to 3D Print It Beautifully and More - Tutorial Australia

PS: Zack Freedman is a great watch: I Tested (Almost) EVERY FILAMENT on Amazon: Every Single Filament Part I - YouTube



Hi Amy,

I’ve had some PETG sitting around for a little while now and this spurred my to finally jump in, apparently the hotend of the V2 shouldn’t go over 240 degrees C (the PTFE inside starts to breakdown at about 250).

I’ll let you know how I go!

PS: its also worth noting how much water is ‘trapped’ inside your PETG, I grabbed some humidity sensors and fresh desicant, it seemed to level out at around 65 (in there for 3 days but I’m not sure how far it might have made it inside the filament/how far through the spool)

EDIT: I printed my maker coin which has a 45 degree overhang, a stringing test and an XY tolerance test and for my PETG a nozzle temp of 240C and bed of 50C passed everything except stringing