Pi 3B+ and 3.5" LCD Touch Display

About 2 years ago I bought a Pi 3B+ and 3.5" LCD Touch Display from Core Electronics. The case I bought from Bangood as Core did not have a case that would house both nicely.

Getting both to work was a nightmare at the time, the Wavshare script had many errors and did not work. I eventually got it working using the Git Hub LCD-show web page. Fortunately Waveshare & Core now link to the Git Hub page. It was interesting at the time but has been on the shelf until recently. Another discussion related to the Pi Plug Pack awakened my interest again.

I began from scratch to get the Display and LCD working again. It proved simple and easy with one minor problem.

The Pi foundation now offers the RPi OS as an online install via an Installer application. I opted to download the image and install using Balana Etcher SD card image write software. This was due to my internet connection being prone to dropouts and is not the fastest and Balana has proven to work well in the past. Full install now 8.6GB, really, what the hell is in this package.

I followed the install from the Wavshare Wiki page and all worked well except the installation of the virtual keyboard icon. There are a few important steps missing from the Wiki. I found a guide from PiMyLife and that worked very well.

The Pi 3B+ now can be used with the LCD and a touch screen stylus with the full RPi OS GUI. It is becoming more stand alone. My previous install did not have the virtual keyboard, making it a little hard to use. Very impressed with it overall. Now to find a use for it, have a few things in mind.

This may seem pretty basic for anyone who has done it before; I post this here to hopefully save some the stress I went through in getting a LCD to work on a Pi.




Hi James,

Thanks for sharing the resources you found helpful and adding to the community knowledge pool.

One of our newest tutorials covers installing one of the Waveshare LCDs headlessly and is similar though without the on-screen-keyboard addition you found.