Raspberry Pi PoE+ HAT (CE07841)

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The plus in the title of PoE+ HAT is Raspberry Pi’s signature for improvement, which this Power over Ethernet certainly is. It features support for 802.3at PoE+ with 25.5W of headroom (5Amps).

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For the rPi PoE+ HAT (CE07841), would this still fit when the heatsink kit (CE05645) is installed or are the height of the heatsinks too much for the HAT to enable contact to the header pins?

Are any heatsinks required at all if the HAT’s fan provides enough heat dissipation from the rPi?

Alternatively, would I have to add a pin header ext. If so, which header ext would you recommend to accomodate the HAT over the heatsinks.

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Hi Darren,

The PoE+ HAT has a few low-hanging components on the underside so most heatsinks would not fit underneath the HAT. The fan built into the PoE+ HAT is PWM controlled according to the temperature of the Pi’s CPU so it will only run as needed so there isn’t a large benefit to adding a CPU heatsink underneath it.
The built-in fan should be more than sufficient to keep the Pi running at full CPU speed indefinitely, if you wanted to adjust the temperature at which the fan kicks in that should be possible with a bit of digging around the Pis configuration files.

You can do this with stackable headers found on our site, but then you have the issue that your Pi and HAT won’t fit inside most Pi cases.


Worth noting that this is 802.3af PoE, and will not work with a 24V passive POE source. You may otherwise, like me, be thinking that PoE was a plug-and-play standard with universal compatibility.

I need a different switch, it turns out.

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do I read this correctly? I can use my network switch (netgear GS728TP) with this HAT ?
netgear POA switch

PoE hat or PoE+ Hat? I gather there are some noise issues with the PoE Hat and possibly Unifi switches. I want to run a Pi 4B from POE. no other accessories, just the Pi for local web services like PiHole and VPN. Is the PoE original hat a better choice then?

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It is PoE+Hat.

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WIll this POE+ hut work with 802.3af switch at 15.5w?

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Hi Iouri,

The official Pi Power supply provides 15.3W, so if you aren’t using any accessories on the Pi like power-hungry SSDs or the like, I’d say you’d be fine, but a PoE+ switch would give you more headroom.

Keep an eye out for undervoltage warnings on your Pi if you go down the 802.3af route.

I am in the process of upgrading my home network to Ubiquity Unifi and was going to get a couple of these to power a pair of RPIs, might have to rethink, :frowning_face:

This POE+ hat will not be compatible with the new Raspberry Pi 5 board, since the POE pins have moved. I haven’t been able to find much info on a Pi 5 compatible POE board. Are Core working on one? I’m hoping for something that will work with the Pi 5’s fan module


Hey Politas, there isn’t much info out there about the new POE+ HAT. There is an official one coming, but I don’t believe it will be available on launch in October. Whilst I don’t know about compatibility with the official active cooler, I think I have heard that it will fit in the new official case which has a fan+heatsink combo. Hope it will fit with that active cooler though, if not I’m sure there will be a way to jimmy it ahahah!


It’s a shame they can’t make POE part of the main board, or do a POE variant without the multi display capability.


Hi Politas,

It certainly is, having a single cable to your Pi is so good for embedded systems!
From a design standpoint adding all of the extra components that a maker or majority of the users won’t need will drive the price and complexity up, something that isn’t great for mass production.

A more generic variant like the Compute module series does away with all of the un-essential parts, GPIO, USB, all of it! And replaces it with the mezzanine connectors in the form of a daughter board (usually contains the main SOC, powerpath and other small variations of connectivity: Buy a Compute Module 4 – Raspberry Pi)
These type of boards are perfect for selecting different features like the removal of MIPI and adding dedicated POE ports, while keeping the cost down for everyone involved.


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Any news yet on PoE for the Pi 5?

Hey Politas,

Whilst we haven’t heard anything about an official Pi 5 HAT, it looks like Waveshare beat them to it with their own POE HAT. Keep an eye out, we might have some available soon, but these are in really short supply from Waveshare themselves.