Raspberry Pi 4 not reading SD card properly (faulty Pi?)

I just recently purchased a raspberry Pi 4 4gB and I am trying to get it started for the first time.

I also purchased the sd card that comes with NOOBS on it and tried that. When booting there are 3 initial green LED flashes and then nothing. The red light stays on the whole time indicating power but no green means no activity hen booting. There is no HDMI signal but from what ive read if the SD card is working there will be no video signal.

I’ve tried a different SD card, installing Raspbian and NOOBS and reformatting 4 different times with no luck. At one point with the original SD card inserted with NOOBS i picked up the Pi and when i did the green LED started flashing and 5 seconds later there was a red TV static image on the TV but then it stopped. I couldn’t recreate that again but to me that indicated that the problem might me with the PI’s ability to read cards and not the SD cards if all I did was physically move the Pi.

Please help. Is my Pi faulty.

Edit: So now i’ve recreated the the red TV static twice now by chance after reformating different SD cards. :man_shrugging: Still no idea what to do

Hi Christopher,

It can be tricky figuring out what’s not working when you don’t have two of everything. We can take a look for you, reply to your order confirmation email and also link to this forum topic.

Hi Christopher,

It turns out that if the HDMI cable is damaged it can cause the Pi 4 not to boot. So if anyone else is having an issue with this it is worth checking that.