Pi 5 4gb Wake on GPIO 5&6 short not functioning

I’m at the end of a project with the last piece of the puzzle being a physical shut down and wake button. This is required as it’s a standalone device with the onboard button not accessible. I have a momentary button connected to GPIO 5 & 6. My shut down code works as intended (sudo shutdown -h now) utilizing the same button and pins, however I cannot wake the system. All my research tells me this should work, but I cant see anything specifically mentioning the Pi 5. I have found other quirks with the 5 so it wouldnt surprise me to learn this hardware function has also been altered.

Does anyone have experience with this on the Pi 5?

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Hi Corey, Welcome to the Forums!!!

I had a look into this with our Pi 5’s and I was unable to get Wake on Halt to work.
I suspect it may be due to the inclusion of a power button on the Pi 5.

There may have been something I missed but I’m not 100% sure why it no longer works.

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Hi Corey,


The Pi 5 has a power button connector already attached without the need to add GPIO:


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Thank you! I’m sure this will solve my problem.