Pi hat compatibility queries

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Cutting straight to the case, how do I tell what is and isn’t compatible when plugging in multiple hats into the GPIO pins? Where do I even begin? I have no background in this.
I’m aware of pinout.xyz, but I have no idea what I’m looking at.

What I’d ultimately like to know is if I can slap THIS and THIS, on THIS and that it’d be working as intended.
I’d love to be able to understand for myself eventually.


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Yes, that should be suitable. The only issue is whether the parts use the same pins. That’ll be dependent on the library you’ve used for this product . You should be able to connect the other board around this one relatively easily if required. If there’s anything else that I can do for you please let me know!

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Hi Bryce,

Thank you!

I have no ideas about libraries, I’m a little overwhelmed honestly.
So looking at the pinouts for the Enviro+ and the pinouts for the Inky pHat I noticed that the following pins are shared:

  • 13 (BCM 27)
  • 15 (BCM 22)
  • 19 (BCM 10)
  • 23 (BCM 11)
    Both the 19th and 23rd have the same tag(?) in brackets (MOSI and SCLK - no idea), but it’s the other two that concerns me. I also can’t see exactly how the pins are used in the documentation. Am I not looking hard enough?

As much as I’d just like answers, I’m really trying to understand. Anything at all is a huge help. I’m also seeing just what I’m buying can be all used together at once, I haven’t bought them yet.


MOSI, MISO, SCLK are associated with the SPI bus. I would recommend reading the tutorial on how to use this bus in the learning center.

After you understand that, find an example of programming the hats you are intending to use, and see how they line up.