Pi TV HAT not recognised

Im new to the Pi, but I have a TV HAT on a Pi4 with Tvheadend and theres no connection.
I cant see any mention of the Hat with lsusb.
I have green Led on HAT and have removed and replaced it a couple of times…any ideas please


Welcome to the community, Hugh.

There was an issue reported in March 2022 with TVheadend ver 3 and Raspbian Bullseye OS.

I do not know if you use that combination. Apparently, using the previous version of the TVheadend resolves the issue.


Hope it works for you.


Hi Hugh,

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

It looks like @G177630 has got you off to a roaring start, thanks for sharing!

While lsusb is good for detecting USB devices the TV HAT uses SPI to communicate with the Pi
This guide from Pi foundation should take you from start to finish: https://www.raspberrypi.org/app/uploads/2018/10/Getting-started-with-the-Raspberry-Pi-TV-HAT.pdf

You can also check SPI is enabled in raspi-config > interfaces


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G’Day Liam Thanks for your help with the TV HAT
I have installed the version before Bullseye and the earlier version of TVHEADEND
Have enabled SP1 in raspi-config and still have no joy. Cant see the TV HAT mentioned any ware
Any more suggestions please…hugh

Hi, sometimes it depends on the TV brand,model etc. What TV are you using?

I’m trying to get the pi tv hat recognised in Tvheadend.It supposed to show Sony tuner or something like that but there’s nothing.