Raspberry Pi TV HAT (CE07176)

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This add-on board lets you receive digital DVB-T2 TV streams on your Raspberry Pi to view them or stream them over a network to other devices.

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Hi I wondered how the TV hat fits into the PI400? Do I need an extension header GPIO cable?. Or will the extension block that comes with the TV hat be adequate? Thanks

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Hi David, Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’ve just tested a TV HAT from stock with the included extended headers and it’s not quite enough space once the RF socket is connected.
I’d recommend using a GPIO ribbon cable extender with the Pi400.


Hi Trent,

Thanks for this advice, have ordered and will apply as you suggest.



Hi there… Does anyone know if there’s room for a fan or heat sink in the TV hat case with the TV hat installed? Specifically, this case… https://core-electronics.com.au/the-pi-hut-tv-hat-case-for-raspberry-pi-v2-0.html

PS… I’m a total noob


Looks like you’d probably fit something low profile, like the Pimoroni fan shim, or a small heatsink from the assembly images:



Cheers, mate!


I agree, that’d be the best option unless you’ve got other HATs that you’re trying to fit into the set up too. I’ve linked it below for anyone who needs it:


Thanks, guys… I’ve got some parts on the way… I’ll post here with pics of my build.


Please do! We love to see what people make and hear back about how useful our advice was in case you find another solution.


Photos below… In order to add the fan shim, I had to exclude a spacer below the pi and a spacer above the TV hat (and a screw). I don’t mind, though. Everything feels tight and doesn’t feel flimsy (although, I haven’t powered up the pi yet). If it poses a problem (most likely with noise) I could source some different sized spacers to complete the job. Otherwise, I’m happy.


Is the raspberry pi tv hat compatible with the raspberry pi 4?

Hi Elijah,

Sure is! See below:


Hey James,

Thanks! :blush:
Just ordered one!


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Hi there

I know this gizmo will play nice with my shiny new 5 - but I’m curious to know whether or not it can be used in its RPi-brand case (the one with the built-in fan)?

Thanks a bunch


Hi Neil, Welcome to the Forums!!!

The TV hat does sit quite high on the Pi.
The case will require a bit of modifying to fit the antenna connector and the rest of the HAT and the inbuilt fan will also need to be removed to fit the HAT in the case as well.