Pi-zero W as HTML website energy monitor publisher

Does anybody know of any international precedent project as follows, or could we build one here and now?


  1. Pi-zero W with plugpack low voltage power mounted in waterproof case ON TOP OF metal meter box, small hole drilled in meter box top and sealed, to allow DC power and clamp cable through.
  2. Current clamp sensor on main supply ACTIVE wire provides live current to house. Current clamp wires through hole to Pi_zero interface hardware.
  3. Pi-zero firmware reads current sensor and publishes both POWER NOW and ENERGY consumed in say 15 minute blocks (as if AU smart meter, 15 minute blocks synced to the hour).
  4. Pi-zero connects to LAN router and configured to allow HTML publishing from the Pi-zero module, thereby creating public website with (preferred) static URL (my EXETEL internet can do this).
  5. Pi-zero website accessible to any internet connected device anywhere in the world to show live POWER NOW and ENERGY CONSUMPTION in 15 minute blocks, say for last 7 days.

Any similar pre-existing projects online anywhere? Or do we start now?

Similar hardware package: http://lechacal.com/wiki/index.php/RPIZ_CT3V1

Hi Ian,

I’d suggest taking a look at the eMon project: https://openenergymonitor.org/

They’ve even got kits ready to order! I’ve recently been looking into setting up one of these myself :slight_smile:

I’d suggest looking at this current clamp sensor:

Support | Core Electronics

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