Pi5 retro Casing

Is it possible to install a RPi5 into a Pi400 case ?

Hi @Mark69948,

Would you be able to provide a link to the case in question? The Pi 400 is a standalone device and doesn’t need a case.

Generally, Pi 4 cases don’t work as the Ethernet and USB are swapped on the Pi 5 compared to the Pi 4.

Pi400 is built into a compact keyboard. Do you want to replace the main board with a Raspberry pi 5?

Yes, if possible

The Pi 4 and Pi 400 share quite different footprints so it isn’t as simple as swapping a Pi 4 for a Pi 5.

Thank you for that, I had not looked in the case, just hoping …



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Hi Mark,

I was in the same boat as you. I hadn’t particularly thought about it until your question. It is quite a funny looking board compared to the Model A and B’s.


It is designed to fit into a Keyboard so it would have to be a “non standard” shape.
Cheers Bob

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