Pico Dev and Stemma QT

Can someone confirm that the I2C connections for these are compatible. I am assuming they are since I bought a Feather from Core which uses Stemma QT and a OLED that uses Pico Dev.

Hey @John136772 They are absolutely pin compatible. :smiley:

There are some differences between the systems: Stemma can work at 5V and PiicoDev is strictly 3.3V. No problem if you’re sticking to a 3.3V system.
Where the same device is used in both families there might be subtle differences eg. a PiicoDev and Stemma device may not share the same default address.

Recently I’ve been mucking around with a Stemma IR Camera connected to a Pico using the PiicoDev Expansion Board - no worries!

Great! Thanks, I don’t use 5V much, I prefer the microcontrollers on 3.3V since they tend to be more capable. The addresses aren’t a problem I, usually use a scanning program to find them if the default doesn’t work. I will be plugging a Pico Dev Oled into a feather should be fine then.


Can I assume that Grove connectors are compatible with PiicoDev for I2C as well, (with the same 3.3V proviso)?
I understand Grove aims to be a superset of connectors with Uart, analogue etc, but I am not interested in these.
I found an article on TomsHardware that said Grove and Stemma were compatible.

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Hi John,

Stemma+Grove and Stemma QT+PiicoDev use a different connector so an adapter cable would be required: Grove to STEMMA QT / Qwiic / JST SH Cable - 100mm long | Adafruit ADA4528 | Core Electronics Australia

If you have some PiicoDev prototyping cables you might be able to whittle down one side to get them to fit if you need to use em quickly!

Okay. Thanks, I just got distracted by ArduBoy. This could be what I want without having to get components

If this is a problem, I would rather solder the wires…