Connecting non PiicoDev devices to the PiicoDev Adapter

I’m hoping to daisy chain a few PiicoDev devices (CE07503, CE07502, CE07692, CE08086) off of a PiicoDev Adapter (CE07690) attached to a raspberry pi (using 1, 2, or 3 of the adapter’s 4-pin ports).

I also have a 16-bit ADC (ADA1085) that I want to connect to one of the additional ports on that adapter. Will the PiicoDev adapter work with the adafruit input? I’ll be using the PiicoDev prototyping cable (CE07796) for the connection and all the pins match, but I’m really unfamiliar with any of this hardware (I’m a programmer breaking into the hardware space).

From reading about this, I think the main hurdle is making sure the ADC is using a different I2C address (Which it appears that it is), but is that the only requirement? Will the PiicoDev adapter pass on data from non-PiicoDev devices?

If its as simple as that, I’ll go ahead and buy the parts. Sorry if these are really stupid questions, I’m pretty green in this space.


So long as you make the right connections that is no problem. Connecting to the PiicoDev adapter just provides power, ground and I2C connections. you’re free to use other I2C devices, but beware that mixing device libraries is not rigorously tested. I don’t see any problems with this from an electrical standpoint, and its very likely you’ll be able to use the example code as is for your 3rd party device.

it’ll be an experiment, though i reckon the chances of success are very high. At the very least you won’t break anything if it’s wired up correctly.


Thanks! That’s all the encouragement I needed to give it a go.

And don’t worry, I’ll be triple checking I have the right wires in the right spot!

Thanks again!


I hooked up a SparkFun VOC Sensor to a chain of Piicodev sensors once. Worked without a problem (they all had different addresses). I also had a gesture sensor wired up too but this didn’t have a Qwiic style connector. Soldered on some headers and used a Piicodev female breakout cable. It can be done if the addresses are unique.


That’s brilliant thanks!

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Morning Michael,

Just jumping back in to let you know that it worked perfectly! I’m now reading a geophone through an ADC all off of the PiicoDev adaptor.

Thanks again for your help!