PiicoDev CAN bus?

Just wondering if Core has any plans to create a PiicoDev board that allows for using CAN Bus?

I am a CAN Bus newbie but have loved the other PiicoDev boards for their ability to speed up prototyping.

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Hi Nigel!

There aren’t any plans for a PiicoDev CAN bus module at the moment.
Core does stock a range of other CAN enabled boards for the Pico, and Raspberry Pi.

If you have any questions whatsoever about any of them feel free to pop through a question!

Oh wow, that waveshare CAN module for Pico is exactly what I was thinking of. I am not sure how I missed it in my search of Core’s products. I ended up with a Grove CAN board as they came back in stock recently and will play with that too.

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Hi Nigel,

I’ve updated it to be a bit less hidden so it hopefully doesnt slip through the cracks for other keen Makers.
The Grove module will be a great module to get you started!
I couldnt find any specific CAN libraries for the module but there might be a general one that could be used.


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