PiicoDev data transmission over WiFi

Anyone who might be interested in hooking up PiicoDev sensors over WiFi might find my uPicoWSensorNode source code useful.

I was interested in seeing if I could get my PiicoDev Sensors to send to Apple HomeKit from my Pico W and was able to setup a Pi Zero with open source Homebridge and mosquitto.


Such a polished repo @gnnoob - what does your MQTT endpoint look like? are you using a data aggregation/display service? I’d love to see the physical manifestation of this work. Stoked that you decided to use PiicoDev as well :partying_face:

This kind of telemetry is really close to a lot of makers’ hearts - and forms the backbone of many projects. If you feel inspired to share a full deployment framework in the form of a step-by-step project we would absolutely welcome it!

Also, this documentation is exquisite! This is a masterclass in effective, clear documentation (mermaid, file-trees in code). I really like the way GitHub renders mermaid these days, and I’ll keep it in mind for my own project docs :slight_smile:


Thank you for the feedback, Michael. I have a background in software which probably is explanation enough. I wanted the documentation to be meaningful and have a presence of its own.

I will bear in mind the project approach; with whatever I try next. I am time poor, so it takes me forever to do anything. Creating documentation saves more time than it costs, a lesson learned the hard way…

To answer your questions about physical manifestation etc. It just rough and ready PicoW with your sensor boards in a clear plastic box from the supermarket. Clunky Chic perhaps?

The sensors just appear in the Apple HomeKit ecosystem. HomeKit is doing the heavy lifting here, I just followed their documentation and ran it up on a Pi Zero. It is mentioned in the repo but you’d need to follow some links to get the gist if it was new.

You could feed into any MQTT service and pull the data into a telemetry UI like Grafana or something - but I was just keen to see things appear on my iPhone and setup simple workflows based upon the readings from your PiicoDev sensors.


Preach it :raised_hands:

We live in a golden age of tupperware-as-project-enclosures. There’s no shame in this, they’re commodity and ubiquitous. :smiley:

In any case, great work and thanks heaps for sharing. I’m stoked on this and will point other curious makers this way whenever they have an adjacent need for MQTT connected hardware.