PiicoDev Distance Sensor VL53L1X - Raspberry Pi Pico Guide

Michael just shared a new tutorial: “PiicoDev Distance Sensor VL53L1X - Raspberry Pi Pico Guide”

This guide will help you read distance data in millimeters from your PiicoDev® Distance Sensor and a Raspberry Pi Pico
To follow along, it’s best to have:

A Raspberry Pi Pico with pins soldered (pointing down)
A PiicoDev Distan…

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If I wanted to detect multiple objects, would this be the appropriate sensor. A few things I like. Not sensitive to sound, and it’s accuracy. Would I need multiple sensors? Derive the distance changes to see objects. It would be 3-5 objects to be sensed whether present. Or null thanks.


Hi @Jakr274709, Welcome to the Forums!!!

The VL53L1X uses a laser to measure distance. As such it can only measure a single point.

To detect multiple objects you would either need multiple of these sensors or a way to move this sensor to point at the objects you are wanting to detect.


For multiple objects, using Raspberry Pi with a raspberry pi camera and OPenCV library will be best. Here are some examples of OpenCV.

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You could even combine Aaron and Lia’s responses here to identify an object and point the distance sensor at it to determine how far away it is. The best solution here really depends on what you are trying to measure the distance of