PiicoDev Real Time Clock (RTC) RV3028 (CE08239)

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Accurate timekeeping, even during a power outage.

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Hi, I recently bought two RTC PiicoDev modules and noticed that one of them holds the time for a couple of hours when disconnected whilst the other one can hardly manage a few minutes. Is it possible to de-solder the capacitor and attach a small cell battery instead?

I look forward to your reply.

Thank you.

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Hi all
When I followed the link to find out a bit more about this device I clicked on a couple of links listed at the end of the description. I was connected to a GitHub page which required a sign in. The link to the schematic is one of them. Why is this. Does this mean one needs a GitHub account to sign in to view the schematic and is this scenario going to apply to future PiicoDev modules.
Cheers Bob

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Hi Bob,

It looks like the link 404’d - the repo might be private since its a relatively new module. Come Monday it should be fixed :smiley:

Physically the Makerverse RTC and PiicoDev ones look very similar, while not exactly the same schematic here’s a similar one: CE-Makerverse-Supercap-Real-Time-Clock-RV3028/schematic-makerverse-supercap-real-time-clock.pdf at main · CoreElectronics/CE-Makerverse-Supercap-Real-Time-Clock-RV3028 · GitHub
(The charging circuit and main IC are the same)

Hey Socrates,

While not the main use case you certainly can, there’s a THT test point on the pack that you could attach a wire to any compatible power source.

It’s interesting that it only lasts a few minutes/hours though, did you have the module resting on anything metal or have you disabled the trickle charge?


Thank you for the reply.

One was resting on a timber surface and the other on an acrylic rig.

I gather the THT test point is on the back in the middle of the circuit board…correct?

I was thinking more in line of removing the capacitor and soldering a battery in its place.

Can you disable the trickle charge in software?

Many thanks for your help.