Guide by Michael; PiicoDev Real Time Clock (RTC) RV-3028 - Getting Started Guide

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Hi, can you tell me the accuracy of this clock?
Earlier, I found somebody here was looking for an RTC with millisecond accuracy.

Is it possible to achieve that with your setup? Thank you.

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Hi @tepalia02203352 - this clock isn’t intended to be used as a lab-grade frequency standard. You can configure the CLK pin to output a squarewave at different frequencies if you wish to use it as a frequency standard - see the advanced examples section.

Real-Time Clocks are not usually used for very high-precision timing. For that, there exists a device called a “Frequency Standard” or “Frequency Reference”. As the other thread mentioned, a GPS-disciplined oscillator can also work and is often cheaper.
If you need to guarantee long-term millisecond stability, have a look around for these devices.

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I have a doubt that will the rtc program run in background even after we poweroff the pi or closing the programming application ( throny python after running code)


Hi Aadi,

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The RTC module isn’t just a program! There’s a dedicated chip that keeps the time for up to days at a time (provided the capacitor has been charged up)


I’m trying to use the RV3028 RTC with a Raspberry Pi Pico W running CircuitPython as opposed to MicroPython. Is this possible?