Pimoroni HDMI 10" LCD Screen Kit (1024x768) SKU: CE06390

Having a problem where this screen will not detect an input on HDMI when powered on unless I unplig and replug the display input cable from the source (a MacBook via thunderbolt) once I do this I get a perfect signal, and can reboot the Mac etc and still get signall, however, as soon as the screen loses power, is is switched off it will not detect a HDMI signal again until I unplig and replug the minidisplay port adapter into the Mac (have tried three different display port adapter a to remove them as a source of problem).
Interestingly, unplugging the HDMI cable and teplugging into the display port or themscreen does not help. Nor does power cycling the screen. The only successfully method is to unplug the mini display port at the Mac, this won’t work for me as it is being built inside a case where I won’t have access?


Hey Evan,

Apple does weird non-standard things with HDMI sometimes. Have you tested with some other HDMI devices (DVD/Bluray player, Pi, Set top box, Game console)?



Yeah, doesn’t seem to happen with a Microsoft surface. But when I patch a regular screen into the HDMI of the Mac it always displays, so any ideas what I can do on the Mac to recognise the Pimoroni screen ?


Ok so looks like I found a solution, I downloaded SwitchResX for the Mac and setup a custom resolution for the screen and now it works everytime.

Oh and if anyone is wondering this is what I’m building, a fully functional current Mac in a powerbook 150, including keyboard and trackball. The pimoroni screen is an exact fit for the powerbook 150 screen bezel, with zero modifications!


Awesome, glad you found a fix. Looks like a really cool build!


Hi Evan,

Awesome build! Glad to hear you got a solution and thanks for sending it through, I’m certain it will help someone in the future :blush:
The trackball is a lovely touch!