Retroflag PiStation LCD (boot on recalbox issue "no hdmi signal recieved")

Hi all,

i am currently having an issue with my pi station lcd screen booting when LCD screen is attached to the Pitation case. I am currently running pi4b 8gb model with 512gb micro sd card with recalbox 8.0.2- Electron installed.

i have no issues with the case booting recalbox 8.0.2- Electron or using safe shutdown scripts when the pi+case is not attached to the pi station lcd and is connected to a monitor or tv, only when the pi station lcd is attached and powered on the screen come up with no hdmi signal and goes to sleep despite the pi being on,
the pi continues to run but does not appear to boot the OS or use the safe shutdown once it is powered it just turns straight off.

I have since determined that the screen is not faulty by running a seperate sd card with Raspberry pi OS on it and the screen seems to work fine as does the hdmi pass through.

i was reading another forum and they mentioned something about changing the config text file for hdmi video output but im not sure what to add or change.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks Ryan

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Hi Ryan,

Just so I’m on the same page is this the situation?:
Recalbox + TV = success
Recalbox + PiStation = fail
Pi OS + Pistation = success

Since the display is a bit of an odd resolution (800x480), you might need to add some entries to your config files to get things working properly. I found a good guide on this:


Keen to get you back on track!