PiMoroni hyperpixel screen with an SPI module?

Hi - I’m assuming that as the pimoroni hyperpixel screen uses all GPIO pins on a pi (zero in my case), I can’t then also use an SPI module? I’d like to drive the screen, but my project uses a MAX31855 thermocouple adapter connected to several of the pins?


Hi Chris,

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You’re right that the hyperpixel displays do hog the whole GPIO interface so there aren’t any pins free, however the I2C and USB interface are still accessible so you might be able to add a thermocouple amplifier that can share the I2C bus with the hyperpixel.

This guide goes through how to set up the I2C interface so that you can still add extra modules while the hyperpixel is in use.

If your current thermocouple amplifier doesn’t have an I2C interface and you’re keen to still use a hyperpixel we have this thermocouple amplifier that supports most types of thermocouples and does have I2C.


Thanks Trent!

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