Pimoroni on/off shim vs Powerblock for C64 retropie project

Hi all, total raspberry pi noob here, so please excuse my complete lack of knowledge on this topic. After stumbling upon this C64 to RPi 3 conversion (https://amigalove.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=567), it mentions using a Powerblock to power up/down the RPi 3 cleanly. My question is, are the following products equivalent in their purpose (of powering a RPi 3 up/down cleanly) or am I leading myself completely down the garden path of wrongness?

https://core-electronics.com.au/pimoroni-onoff-shim-for-raspberry-pi.html versus https://blog.petrockblock.com/powerblock-raspberry-pi-power-switch/

Thanks in advance.

Hey Dez,

Yes in terms of what you are doing those boards are the same.

Thanks Clinton, it’s greatly appreciated. :+1: