Raspberry Pi - powering on and off

Hi All,

Just got my Raspberry Pi 3 Media Center Kit and have been playing with it for a couple of hours. Works fantastic!

Couple of questions.

  1. I can power the RPi off, but how do I turn it back on. The only way I could find was to pull the power cord out and plug it back in.

  2. I want to be able to stream Optus EPL from a web browser. How do I get a web browser running on the Pi? And can I start it from within Kodi? Or do I get out of Kodi and start it from somewhere else?

Thanks for any help.


Hi Paul,

Glad to hear you’re underway with some Raspberry Pi projects! Re power, the Pi has a special way to turn it on if it were shut down properly (via command line or otherwise). Google “power on raspberry pi after shutdown”. It’s a bit finicky and to be honest, it’s easier to shutdown the Pi and instead use something like this to remove power / turn it back on http://core-electronics.com.au/usb-cable-with-switch.html

With that said, plenty of people live on the edge and just pull the power cord!

Re browser support, just google “openelec browsers” and checkout some third party options in that space.

Also, pretty much every Operating System has a power off option so as long as your inside of that you should be able to power off, and once the screen is blank, unplug the power.

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the info. I found a power board that connects onto the RPi board that looks interesting. Might give that a try.

There seem to be a few options for a browser within OpenElec. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks.


Hey Paul, just to add into this conversation. I believe that you don’t run the web browser for streaming purposes inside of the Kodi application (as it’s a Media Center Application).

Instead, You would install the web browser (firefox, chrome) on the system and run that browser separately to Kodi.

Hope this helps, good luck with it!