Pitft with Windows 10 on a Pi 4

Hi very new to Rasberry Pi but am looking for some thing small with a touch screen to run an app on windows .
if i have the Pi 4 and the Pitft touch screen will they work with windows 10 as the OS ?

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Hi Brad, Welcome to the forum!

To my knowledge only Windows 10 IoT Core can run natively on a Pi, you might want to do a bit of research to determine whether it can do what you want, as the Pi runs on a very different architecture (ARM vs x86/64). Here’s a guide from Microsoft on the key differences with the full-fat Windows 10

One of my colleagues has informed me that you can run full-fat Windows 10, but it’s slow and a lot of things may not work: https://www.tomshardware.com/how-to/install-windows-10-raspberry-pi

If you’re looking for the x86 architecture and performance you’re used to in a SBC form factor, you might want to look into LattePandas.

Could you elaborate on what you need your app to do? That should give us a bit more ammo when suggesting parts.

Keen to see what you’re doing with it!


Hi James
thanks for the reply
so i program an audio DSP from qsc , QSYS their touch panels are expensive and slow and will only’ load up basic files . ’
i tend to use an ipad in a wall mount with a redpark POE adaptor to give them a wired LAN .’
some clients dont like to use the ipad so im looking at ways to get something at a similar price point ‘that will work as well as the ipad .’
the ipad uses a free app , windows uses a program called viewer which is downloaded with the 'designer program and the interfaces can be viewed in a web browser but the browser is really i would 'say still in beta .
thats about the jist of it :smiley:


Hi Brad,

James is exactly right, a Pi may not be the best option here as setting up an OS purely for one application like that is going to be quite cumbersome and can be quite difficult to setup.

For a near out of the box experience, I’d go with a LattePanda rather than trying to adapt to one of the ARM architecture boards if possible (depending on the board you may need to get windows licenses):


Hi Bryce
thanks for your help :smiley:
after looking at the Lattepanda i think that would be the best way to go :smiley:
i dont hink i need the Alpha for this proof of concept but will def need a touch screen and case
if these were POE that would be awesome .


Hi Brad,

Unfortunately, it’s not supported, but I’d look into Passive PoE injection, it may be a possible way to get around that if you can pass enough power across a Cat5/6 (it likely won’t be much, I wouldn’t expect it to be enough for a LattePanda, but may be an idea to consider)

Also, here’s a touch display for you if needed one for your LattePanda: