Plug Identification

I have Sompfy automated blinds, and went the battery operated route, but now find that it is really difficult to plug in the charge cables as the position of them is really hidden and it is just a PITA to be honest.
So, I want to hard wire the chargers, no problems with that, and I will just put them on a smart switch so that they get an hour a day or so of charging.
No problems there.

My issue is that I have two blinds and one charger and to buy the second charger the store wants a massive $50 postage just for the $35 charger.

So, I am trying to locate what the plug is so that I can use the one charger but have both plugged in.

I thought that they were JST connectors so bought some, but the clip is different.
Anyone have any ideas?
2.0mm pin width.

Hi Andrew
Is this what you have got ??

If it is too difficult to read the plug is JST SYR-02TV.
This Somfy page is here

Found after drilling down a bit on the Somfy web site.
Cheers Bob


Great sleuthing Bob, but that’s not it.
The transformer that I have is:

Hi Andrew,

I managed to dig up a supplier, but not much else :frowning:

Looks like this is a part they get made directly for them. I’d see if the connector Robert mentioned looks the same and give it a go, as product manufacturers tend not to introduce new parts into their supply chain unless they need to, though perhaps the “battery charger” has more smarts than just a power supply, and thus needs to be idiot-proofed with a different connector.

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Hi Andrew
I note that Somfy have a local (.au) web site

I don’t know your location but they seem to have a comprehensive list of sales outlets. You may be able to find one local that can help.
Are you sure that 650mA is enough to charge 2 blinds at the same time ???
Cheers Bob
Just noted James’ reply. He could be right re smarts in the charger and maybe an additional charger as you initially implied would be better.


Wow, ok, low tech option for the win, thanks Bob.
For whatever reason I didnt even think about an alternate supplier for the power supply and as it turns out there is one about 45 minutes away from me.