Pololu TReX DMC01 Always Flashes Red Light

My Pololu TReX DMC01 arrived today, but ever since I first powered it up it continually flashes red (approx. one flash per second). The blue power LED is constantly lit.

I have tried finding some basic arduino sketches online for serial communication, and it seems that none of these work as well. After a good search online the only conclusion I have come to is that it has the wrong firmware in it (unlikely? Unless firmware has become corrupt), or I have found this from the documentation:

“Red LED flashes: There was a faulty input to the bootloader that has caused the bootloader to revert to waiting for the correct initial serial input sequence. Note: once the firmware upload is complete, the TReX will reboot and the red LED may flash as part of the startup sequence. This is not an indication of a firmware-update error. See the firmware-update section for further details.”

Is there any other problems that could be causing this?

Hmm, I’m not familiar with that fault, so it would be best to engage the team at Pololu directly via support@pololu.com

Let us know how you get on!