Polylite PLA

Hello, we have been printing Polylite PLA with on Lulzbot Taz 5 and Taz 6 and Mini with no issues. It has been a good alternative to ABS.

However, the last batch of Polylite PLA True Black we bought from Core has been a complete disaster. Although the SKU is the same, the filament has a rough surface appearance instead of being shiny. Again, although the SKU is the same, the printing speeds and temperature on the labels are different.

Every time we print, the drive gear simply cuts into the filament at some point and it jams. We have tried temperatures in 5 degree increments from 190C to 230C, have calibrated the z steps and filament drive - all to no avail.

When we put the same material in but True Blue, we have no issues.

Any ideas?

Hi Joe,

We haven’t had any other reports of this happening. We also use the same (Polylite Black PLA) for all of our in-house 3D printing services (typically a reel a week, picked straight of the bench). I would expect a batch issue to have more wide-spread feedback if this was the case for everyone.

You are welcome to send it back to us and we can give it a go in our machine. Include a print of this forum topic and use our Mailing Address (the PO Box).