Power over Ethernet HAT (E) for Raspberry Pi 3B+/4B, 802.3af-compliant (CE09199)

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Power over Ethernet HAT (E) for Raspberry Pi 3B+/4B, 802.3af-compliant…

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Do you guys have any information on how hot this HAT (Waveshare PoE HAT (E)) runs? I’d like to use it to power a Pi that lives in an Argon Neo case but without a fan I’m not sure if the case can sink all the heat from the Pi and the HAT.

Hi Keith, Welcome to the forum!

I think a stock PoE+ HAT would be more appropriate here, as it’s designed to sit off the Pi a little (female headers on the bottom, rather than the top on the waveshare part), which seems to have fit according to user submissions, whereas the waveshare one might not:

Though I imagine you’re looking at 3rd-party options as the official one is out of stock.

You may need extension headers to get it to fit. Having it in open air should be good enough for cooling, and perhaps the mass of aluminium on the case/lid would be good enough thermally, but since the stock PoE+ HAT has a fan, and a larger PCB that can dissipate more heat, I’d guess that the waveshare part runs hotter.

Let me know if this spurs any followup questions :slight_smile:

Cheers James—that’s helpful, thanks!