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Powering a fan when a HAT uses 5V GPIO pins

I have a ADC HAT installed on my Pi and it uses both the 5V GPIO pins, but I’d like to run a fan to keep things cool. What are my options?

Hey Martin,

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Can you please send through a picture of the rig you’re using at the moment, we may be able to use a GPIO breakout or extender to run the fan parallel or add a shim underneath it.

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Actually, I just realised how ancient this particular Pi is (Raspberry Pi Model B Rev 2) so I’m not even sure what the pinouts are any more. But it’s been chugging along for years without an issue. Nonetheless, perhaps I should work toward replacing it.

Nonetheless, I’ll still face the same problem!

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Hey Martin,

It’ll have the old 26 pin header. Worth double checking but I believe the pinout is the same as the first 26 pins on the newer 40pin header.

I’d suggest sticking a pimoroni fan shim on there, then you can just stick a hat straight on top.

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