Conflict on GPIO port

I have just received my Pi 4 and with it an alloy heatsink case with fans and the 3.5" LCD Touch screen.

You can imagine my dismay when I discover that these two accessories do not play well together as they both require the 5v and GND pins for operation.

What effective solution is there for this conundrum.

I think you will need to supply more details.
There are multiple ground pins and 2 5 volt pins

The 3.5” touchscreen totally covers any 5v GPIO pins with its header connector. This means there is no 5 volts pin available for the fan power.

So the touch screen is a hat and yes they take all pins for simplicity.
Maybe this.

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It looks to me that the header that would plug into the GPIO pins is not long enough to get over the allow heatsink case with fans. I think that it would need an extended header plug.

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