Powering garden solenoids

This is a pretty basic question but I’m still learning. I want to use solar power and LiPo batteries to power 12v/24v solenoid controlled by Arduino to turn a hose on and off. I was looking for some recommendations on what I would require to power this kind of setup.

Hey Rodney,

Depending on exactly what you’re doing you could use a DC/DC Boost converter to bump up the voltage from some Lipos (3.7v per cell), put a bunch in series, or some combination to get the higher voltage.

I’d also suggest a mosfet or a 5V control relay to switch the solenoid, and you’ll of course need some solar panels and a battery management/charging system to keep the batteries in check.

That said for this application it might be better to go with Lead-Acid (perhaps an old car battery). Lead acids are pretty much bullet proof as far as batteries go, and while they don’t have a fantastic energy density they sure can pump out some current when you need it!

Hi Rodney,

As Oliver said, using a step-up regulator or using cells in series such as the packs that I’ve linked below would be the way to go for this project. Be sure to limit the power that is being supplied to the Arduino and that the regulators are able to handle the power requirements, however, as this could cause damage if excessive current is passed through the GPIO. All the best with it!

All the best with it!

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