RP-L-400 Thin Film Pressure Sensor (SEN0299)

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This is a long flexible thin film pressure sensor with a length of 400mm, which can be used to realize highly sensitive detection of pressure. The sensor is durable … read more

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what is the longest film pressure sensor that you have got?

Hi Heich,

I would use something like this film and attach it together with some alligator clips.


Hi can you please show me a wiring diagram to get this into an arduino uno.

I currently have a 510 ohm resistor between sensor and ground with the analog wire coming off the same side as the resistor but closer to the film and a 5v going in on the other side.

I have been able to set up everything using a pressure sensor from jaycar - Thin-Film Pressure Sensor for Arduino | Jaycar Electronics - it has a 514 resistor inbuilt into the board and was able to attach the 40cm pressure film to the contact points but when i take away the board and try to solo wire then its not picking it up any more.

Hi Ben,

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When you say the Jaycar board has a 514 resistor that would usually be a 510,000 Ohm resistor. Since the last digit tells you how many zeros come after the first two numbers.

These variable resistors are usually arranged to form a voltage divider circuit, by using two similarly sized resistors, so your 510 Ohm resistor may be too small to work effectively as a voltage divider.

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the resistor that i have currently is a 0.5W MTL 510R 1% Mini

Hi Ben,

With a 510 ohm resistor the divider that you setup would need very signficant amounts of force to see a change in the voltage.

Trent suggests using a 510k ohm resistor, I’d give that a shot!
In the end your circuit your circuit should look something like this:


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