Pressure sensors in research


I am doing a research project to collect data on the pressure that the mannequins face is experiencing when lying on the foam pillow. We have tried out the RP-C18.3-LT Thin Film Pressure Sensor and are experiencing drift with the sensor, especially as we are running them for extended amounts of time (18hour-24 hour). Looking for some help to get accurate readings!

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Hi Isabel,

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Very interesting project :smiley: I’d imagine the foam is deforming around the sensors themselves. to get a more holistic measurement you’ll have to read the force across a greater area.

3D printing a few interlocking parts - try to reduce friction between the parts, also any horizonal forces so where the foam grabs will be lost into the supporting structure.

If you were to travel down this route I’d have a look at using a load cell, it will allow you to attach the extension pieces to the sensor itself.


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