Printing Perfect First Layers - Ultimaker Cura

Hey Hey! I’ve just created a new tutorial "Printing Perfect First Layers - Ultimaker Cura

This will be a guide on how to get the best possible results out of your 3D printer when it comes to the first layers. This guide will explore methods pertaining to perfecting the Initial Squish, Combing setting in relation to the first layers, and slicing software settings related to Initial Layer Speeds.

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Good article and very helpful thank you. You concentrate mainly in this article on single layer prints and I am wondering if those same recommendations hold for the first layer of multi layer prints or if you would recommend other adjustments or different settings for multilayer prints?

If you nail that first layer then everything else falls into place, so definitely what I outline here applies to multi-layer prints. Thanks for giving me a chance to clarify :slight_smile:

Another article worth having a look over is Improving 3D Printed Models which can help you refine other settings for multilayered prints. Hopefully it helps you, I find myself coming back to this page all the time.

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Hi Tim the fern you printed in your vid where do I get the Stl from thanks great vid

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Cheers mate :slight_smile: you can find the Fern models here - Fern Lampshade by LAMcDonald - Thingiverse

Thanks are you from new zealand